RASCAL Unit Spay and Neuter Clinic

The Humane Society of Richland County is pleased to partner with the RASCAL Clinic to help provide low cost spay and neuter services to our community.  We currently have spay/neuter clinics scheduled every second Tuesday of the month.

Please note that HSRC must ensure that all the animals at the shelter are scheduled first. Space is very limited so we are unable to schedule any surgeries for the public until all the shelter animals accounted for.

For availability, keep up to date on our Face Book page. If we have any openings, we will post them there toward the beginning of the month. A $20 deposit per animal is required at time of signup.  Deposit will be applied to total surgery cost.

Prices for Sterilization Procedures

Please note that an additional $10.00 administrative fee will be added to the price of all surgeries to help with the cost of running the clinic


Dog Spay

up to 40 lbs            $80

40.1 to 80 lbs         $95

80.1 to 100 lbs       $110

100.1 and up           $125

Dog Neuter

up to 40 lbs            $70

40.1 to 80 lbs         $85

80.1 to 100 lbs       $110

100.1 lbs and up    $125


Cat Spay     $60  

Cat Neuter  $50  

Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork for dogs/cats (chemistry only) available on site $55

E-Collars available for $10

Ear tipping for feral / stray cats is recommended and can be done upon caretaker request at no additional charge.

Additional Costs Will Occur if:

  • A female dog is in heat, there will be an additional fee of $5.00. Please keep in mind that large breed, overweight and older dogs in heat have a higher risk. For this reason, we may turn away a dog after the initial exam if we do not feel they are a good surgical candidate. The in-heat charge does not apply to cats.
  • Pregnant dogs and cats will be charged $5.00 – $10 extra.
  • A male dog or cat is a cryptorchid (testicles have not fully descended), the cost of the procedure will be the cost of the neuter plus up to the full price of a spay for the same size.
  • A pet is found to be spayed after sedation, there will be a $15.00 fee.
  • A female dog or cat is found to be already spayed during surgery, the regular surgery fee will apply (exploratory laparotomy).
  • A pet does not have written proof of a current Rabies vaccine given by a licensed veterinarian, the vaccine will be given the day of surgery at a cost of $10.00.