Featured Pets

Our Featured Pets page is meant to bring some extra attention to the animals that have been at the shelter the longest. Whether it is because they have been overlooked or have some special needs, these cats and dogs have been at the shelter longer than most.

Meet Shotzy!

200 days at the shelter and counting

Shotzy came to the shelter back in November of 2022 after his owner passed away. He is a 12 year old senior but he still has plenty of energy! Shotzy loves to carry his toys around on walks and is such a sweetheart! He would not do well in a home with other animals which is why it is that much harder to find a good fit for him. Also, the fact that he is older has limited his interest and he has yet to even have a single meet and greet. Check out his full bio on our Adoptables section and apply there if interested!

Meet Anna!

70 days and counting

Anna was brought to the shelter back in March and she is the definition of an overlooked animal. She quiet, laid back, and very,very sweet. Anna would likely do well with children and other animals once she has some time to get used to them. Despite being friendly and super pretty, Anna has had zero interest from any adopters. She is patiently awaiting her turn to find a loving home!