Animal Intake


Our dogs come to us from Humane Agent cases where the dog is removed from a property due to neglect, abandonment, or abuse. The owner of the dog would then be charged with criminal animal neglect. We do not take any loose or stray dogs. Any dogs found off of their property should be reported to the Richland County Dog Warden’s Office (419-774-5892). We are a very small shelter, so we are unable to take any owner surrenders of dogs.


We take in cats from Humane Agent cases involving neglect, abandonment, or abuse. We are also able to take in stray cats, owner surrenders, and rehoming situations as space allows. Cats being surrendered to us MUST be friendly and able to be handled. We are not able to take feral cats into our facility under any circumstances as it poses safety concerns for staff and feral cats are not adoptable.  We are only able to take cats from residents of Richland County. Due to the high volume of requests we receive for cat surrenders, we do work off of a waiting list.  If you are a resident of Richland County and need to surrender a cat to us, please contact the shelter at 419-774-4795 to be added to our wait list. We are only able to take in up to 2 cats at a time and there is a surrender fee required at the time of surrender.

Other Animals

We may be able to in other pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, etc. depending on space available at the shelter. If you are a resident of Richland County and needing to surrender, please contact the shelter to inquire about availability. We do not take in any or handle any type of wildlife or livestock.