Happy Endings

Charles Xavier

Charles was brought to the shelter in August of 2020. His front legs were wrapped in bandages but they had gone too long without being treated, resulting in his legs becoming badly infected. He spent several days at the vet office where his wounds were compared to a third degree burn. It was a long recovery for Charles, but he maintain a sweet and affectionate attitude throughout his entire time at the shelter. Once he was fully recovered, Charles found his new family in October of 2020 and has been living there happily ever since.



Luther was abandoned and had gone without food for a long time. He was skin and bone by the time he arrived at the shelter. It took awhile for him to get up to a healthy weight, but he was such a good boy the entire time he was here! He absolutely loved people despite what had happened to him. Luther was adopted in October of 2020 and is now living happily with his forever family!










Letty was found as a severely emaciated stray. She only weighed 74.6 pounds when she first arrived at the shelter. A healthy weight for her breed ranges from 100-125 pounds. We spent a long time trying to help her gain weight as well as heal from the emotional damage she had suffered. By the time Letty left the shelter, she weighed 119 pounds. She is now living her best life with her new family and dog siblings!